PALM BEACH is a new American musical fable set in the screwball world of 1930s. Liz, a biracial showgirl desperate for financial security, has passed herself off as a Brazilian coffee heiress in order to wed into the wealthy Fitch family — only to find that her ex, Max, is posing as one of the Fitch family servants so that he can write a socialist exposé on the excesses of the upper class. Will Liz and Max be able to keep one another’s secret -- especially when they’re still in love with each other? Will Liz’s handsome new fiancé, Lance Fitch, be able to keep certain secrets of his own now that he plans to marry? And how will all of this effect the Fitch family’s place at the pinnacles of industry, politics and society? PALM BEACH is a brash musical comedy that asks how far people are willing to go to make sure they have a place at the American table.

PALM BEACH was produced on the mainstage of the La Jolla Playhouse in 2005, directed by Des McAnuff, with musical direction by Eric Stern.

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Songs © 2005 David Gursky & Robert Cary

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Press/Review Excerpts, PALM BEACH,

La Jolla Playhouse (2005)

“Combining the snappy humor of great farce with the screwball movies of the ‘30s, this show is blessed with a breezy, often gorgeous score by David Gursky. Toss in clever lyrics by Robert Cary that whimsically combine dripping sarcasm, madcap histrionics and sweet sentiment and wed it to a crazy preposterous and irresistible book by Cary and Benjamin Feldman.”

-- Jeff Britton, The Desert Sun, June 29, 2005

There are not enough superlatives to describe the participants of this production. The original book by Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman, music by David Gursky and lyrics by Robert Cary are all genius.”

-- Diana Saenger, La Jolla Light

“The music -- a bouncy, jaunty mélange of 1930s musical styles -- provides the show's high points.”

-- Daryl H. Miller, Los Angeles Times

“Cary’s song lyrics, rife with clever internal rhyme and double entendre, are simply delicious…”

-- Charlene Baldridge, Golden Triangle News

“The show thankfully includes zany characters, ridiculous situations, terrific dances, and toe-tapping tunes to keep you smiling throughout the entire evening.”

-- James Colt Harrison, Buzz Magazine

Book by Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman
Music by David Gursky
Lyrics by Robert Cary​​

Palm Beach

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