Book by Amy Wilson

Music by David Gursky

Lyrics by Robert Cary

© 2023 David Gursky. All rights reserved.

All songs © 2023 by David Gursky & Robert Cary

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Eden, a young journalist, Melissa, a fortysomething mother of three, and Connie, an older soon-to-be divorcée, come to the “Nuova Me” spa for a weeklong wellness retreat, seeking the glow of truer health from guru Iris Windsor and her staff. Will Nuova Me enable the women to achieve what they seek? Or will they discover that the more you pursue the imaginary finish line of wellness, the further from it you feel? The three women make (and sometimes break) powerful bonds, reassessing their priorities as Iris tries to keep them line to serve her own needs — as well as the needs of a company on the verge of becoming a global brand.

The characters in BRAND NEW YOU represent a spectrum of ages, class backgrounds, body types, and life experiences, and can be played by actors of any race or ethnicity.

BRAND NEW YOU was a semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's 2024 National Musical Theater Conference.

Brand New You

       A New Musical

BRAND NEW YOU is a 4-woman,

90-minute, one-act musical comedy.


(additional tracks available on request)