Book by Robert Cary and Benjamin Feldman

Music by David Gursky

Lyrics by Robert Cary​​

The Thomas Crown Affair


Call it the price of success, but billionaire Thomas Crown has too much time on his hands. In a valiant effort to fight off boredom, he's taken to looting priceless works of art from the world's greatest museums just for the kick of it, and no one seems able to stop him -- except, perhaps, for sexy insurance investigator Amanda Lee, a woman who's not about to let her company underwrite a rich playboy's pastime. Will Amanda crack the case before she falls prey to Thomas Crown's charms? Will Thomas Crown be able to con someone as smart as Amanda? And will either of them end up having to face their worst fears by actually falling in love?

THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR was commissioned by MGM On Stage.

Based on the MGM Motion Pictures

© 2019 David Gursky

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