Text © 2019 David Gursky

All songs © 1992-2019 by David Gursky & Robert Cary

These are songs that are either from a work in progress, cut from the show they were written for, or whose lyrics have been substantially re-written since they were recorded.

(All lyrics by Robert Cary)

"Relax" (bossa nova)

A well-bred, Type-A twenty-something journalist has it all together, or so it seems. She feels she can have the life she wants -- if she could only learn how to relax.

"Aisle 21"  (rock/funk)

A suburban mother of three tries to make healthy shopping choices but gets sucked into the (candy) vortex.

"Happy All The Time"  (pop rock)

A millennial uses her social media and tech savvy to help a middle-aged divorcée with her online dating profile.

"Yo-yo"  (show style)

Two women commiserate and bond over the futility of constant dieting.

"Nothing More" (pop ingenue theater ballad)

"Bachelor Street" (1930s Astaire-style swing)

"To Tell The Truth" (dragon lady waltz)

"Answers" (rock)

Three women of different backgrounds answer a questionnaire about body image, and they have a few questions of their own.

"Now You See Me" (contemporary ballad)

A middle-aged divorcée contemplates her life choices and what comes next.

other songs

"To Serve You" (Broadway uptempo)

A young servant is in love with the daughter of the family he serves.